Top 5 Bitcoin Bloggers – A Cryptocurrency Review

Everyone is all hyped up about investment in Bitcoin; however, to begin from being a novice in the digital area is a tricky one. Therefore, we decided to do a cryptocurrency review of how to decipher the world of Bitcoin.

There must be a gazillion questions firing away in your mind on whether you already need Bitcoin to invest in cryptocurrency stocks? Or do you need to transfer money from your standard account to a digital entity to convert it into Bitcoin? Maybe what does Bitcoin look like? Etc. XTRgate is here to help you.

The best answer is to follow some of the best bloggers in the world. Their blogs not only answer all your questions but also keep you updated on the new trends and developments in the cryptocurrency universe.

From here onward, we will use BTC, which is the official abbreviation for Bitcoin on trading platforms and exchanges. First of all, let us explain a little bit more about how you can invest in Bitcoin and how you can buy Bitcoin, etc.

How Can You Invest in Bitcoin?

Investment in Bitcoin is somewhat similar to how you invest in the stock exchange. The only difference is the volatility of BTC because its stocks swing on a daily basis. Please follow these steps if you wish to invest in BTC from the beginning.

  • Find a firm that deals in crypto investments and open your brokerage account.
  • Now deposit funds into this brokerage account from your bank.
  • Use these deposited funds to buy stocks. (cash balance)
  • You can later sell these stocks for loss or gain. Funds are then returned to your cash balance.

The only difference in BTC investment is in step three of the above steps. That is, instead of buying stocks, you buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. Although the above-mentioned flow is similar in most cases with BTC, sometimes it can vary with trading or exchange platform. Typically you can either transfer funds into your bank account or buy BTC using a credit card.

For other platforms, you might have to make a direct deposit of Bitcoin, which means you must transfer BTC directly. The methods do vary from country to country; therefore, do cryptocurrency review on BTC regulations and laws in your locale. Some countries may need your personal information to verify your legitimacy.

How Can you Deposit USD to Purchase Bitcoin?

One of the most straightforward process and a top-rated platform is Coinbase. Most of the bloggers use the same process as Coinbase. Everyone loves it because you get $10 on the investment of $100.

When working on the Coinbase platform, you open an account with Coinbase and link your credit card or bank account with Coinbase account. You can transfer the USD from your bank account to the Coinbase account to buy BTC, or use your credit card to do so.

However, using credit cards to purchase BTC is more expensive than transferring funds from your bank account, but they are also the fastest.

Now you may ask where the BTC you bought goes. Of course, you have not invested it anywhere yet. You Bitcoins sit in a virtual safe called a digital wallet. Most of the exchanges and platforms have their own wallets to hold your Bitcoin while you contemplate on when to start dealing with your stocks. Just like you would use your money to buy and sell stocks, you will use your Bitcoin for trade.

Top Five Bitcoin Bloggers

If you are interested in a cryptocurrency review that shows you the impact of BTC on our lives and how we are going to perceive money in the future, here are the top 5 Bitcoin blogger sites to help you with that. They are the best place to guide you via baby steps and enlighten you about all you need to know about Bitcoin and the blockchain technology.


It is a Bitcoin blogging website based in New York, the United States, and a world leader in information, prices, and news on blockchain technology, BTC, and other cryptocurrencies. CoinDesk covers analysis and news on the on-going and upcoming trends, technologies, price movements, organizations, companies, and people in the world of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin.

CoinDesk pride themselves as the platform from the next-gen investors. It welcomes all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and keeps them up-to-date on how digital assets and cryptocurrencies are contributing to the evolution and reshaping of our global financial system.

Their mandate is to educate, inform, and connect the global BTC investment community through data, news, education, and events.

The platform was found in May 2013. It has a reach millions of followers interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. CoinDesk uses a variety of mediums to interact with its users, including social media, websites, podcasts, research, newsletters, videos, and live events.

CoinDesk is the one renowned for being the creators of the original BTC price reference rate in 2013, which is more commonly referred to as the “Bitcoin Price Index.” This index is widely sourced for cryptocurrency in the world of media, including The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and many others regularly.

They host an annual consensus summit in May every year. It is one of the biggest and most important gatherings of forward-thinking community gathering of blockchain tech enthusiasts. You will find stakeholders in the worldwide blockchain ecosystem from around the globe.

It is also a co-host and anchor event of this year’s Blockchain Week in NYC. Consensus 2020 will be held from May 11th to 13th, and thousands of cryptocurrency stakeholders will be gathering from over 80 nations around the world.


Cointelegraph is one of the entirely independent publications that cover Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency reviews. They also deal with areas such as decentralized applications, blockchain technology, the next-gen web, and the Internet of finance. Cointelegraph will provide you with the latest information prices, news, analysis, and breakthroughs, along with experts’ opinions. You will also be able to get commentary from various cryptocurrency communities.

It was founded in 2013, which covers a wide range of cryptocurrency domain, crypto assets, and emerging BTC trends. They will deliver you some of the most accurate and up-to-date information from the decentralized and centralized worlds of cryptocurrencies.

You can also get unbiased news, comprehensive cryptocurrency review and price charts, in-depth analysis to gain insight into the blockchain technology and Bitcoin investment. Cointelegraph also produce reports on cryptocurrencies and how it is contributing to the social transformation of our society.

They believe the decentralized will rapidly grow and become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. They work hard to raise awareness and educate their readers on the advantages and intricacies offered by the digital revolution in the present era.

Cointelegraph is enthusiastic about the fact that technological advancements in nanotech, AI, and the quantum computer will help increase the number of consumers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to adopt cryptocurrency such as BTC and blockchain technology in their daily life.


Blockchain is based in San Francisco, California. They are the bloggers for blockchain as the largest BTC wallet globally. Do you know that Blockchain, as the software, has empowered users from 130 countries and powered over 100 million Bitcoin transactions?

They are one of the fastest-growing and most trusted crypto-companies. Blockchain has been helping millions of cryptocurrency users around the world to have a safe and easy way to access cryptocurrencies such as BTC.

Blockchain, as a crypto-company, has over 48 million wallets and 25 thousand plus API developers in over 140 countries. It has powered over 100 million transactions are number one in the cryptocurrency research.

It has the backing of some of the biggest industry giants from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and London. Blockchain has already risen over $70 million in funds from the leading investors to empower the cryptocurrency investment sector financially.

Blockchain has a team of inspiring, talented and hardworking individuals from all around the globe. They have the passion for creating, to code and for connecting cryptocurrency users to the future of finance. They will always keep you up to date about the latest trends in the Bitcoin investment arena. They have over 100 employees coming from 22 Nationalities, with four offices.

Their team believes that connection and communication is the key. Therefore It is open to frequent and authentic communication with its users. Trust is vital to them.

Reddit – Bitcoin

It is a community dedicated to Bitcoin, or they like to call it the internet currency. Reddit itself is home to many thousand communities offering authentic human interaction and communications with endless communications. Whether you are into sports, news, never-ending streaming of cute memes, TV fan theories, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, or a Bitcoin investor – Reddit offers it all.

If you join their BTC community, you will have access to thousands of Bitcoin stakeholders from around the world voting, posting, and sharing their views on the latest trends and opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency.

Reddit was founded in 2005; it is the world’s number 5th most visited website with an average of over 430 million active monthly users. It has 130,000 with over 21 billion screen views every month. The Bitcoin community on Reddit was created in September 2010 and currently has over 1.4 million users.

If you are a novice in the BTC investor’s arena, you can also join the “Bitcoin for Beginners” community. It is specially created to help and guide new users and beginners by answering all of their questions and concerns.

All these communities were created to support and foster open and free BTC discussions with exclusive news on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency updates. You will also have access to interviews of the world’s leaders of the Bitcoin industry.


We all know that cryptocurrency has been bustling and flourishing as an industry, and many financial pundits have claimed in a potential candidate for growth. NewsBTC is a premier resource and news platform for Bitcoin users.

It was founded in October 2013 to bring quality analysis, news, and technical cryptocurrency review about Bitcoin. NewsBTC also provides unique insight into the ever-growing, ever-evolving cryptocurrency universe.

NewsBTC had the initial focus to educate its users and readers about BTC. It also sheds light on the potential impact BTC is having on our traditional financial system. This impact has helped the cryptocurrency to grow into various sub-domains such as blockchain projects, regulatory developments, altcoins, crowd-sales, and the convergence of leading technologies of our time, such as the Internet of things with artificial intelligence and blockchain, and much more.

This blogger site takes pride and claims that it has some of the best intellectual minds in the domain of cryptocurrency onboard. These crypto-experts play a critical role in offering impeccable advice and content to the users. All of it is taken care of under the banner of NewsBTC Media Group.

These experts claim as they understand both the technological advancements and evolution of Bitcoin, they are can best provide the information that their users need. All the users from traders to community members and students to researchers and the novice can find all their answers for better understating of BTC investment.

NewsBTC believes that cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology infrastructure is the future of the global financial system. Therefore, they are committed to making this transition easier for people from all walks of life by providing adequate and useful information. So people can use it to grab the reins of financial revolutions.

Their ethics are to be the very best and one of the most trusted resources in Bitcoin news. They aim to achieve this goal through their ethical practices. They do not post or submit their links on anyone’s social media pages and posts. They do not spam users and businesses.

However, they have their own Facebook and Twitter accounts, which they use for their own updates, posts, and cryptocurrency reviews. NewsBTC does not buy Twitter followers, and they do not write blog posts just for SEO or getting Internet traffic on their WebPages. They say they write about Bitcoin news because of their sheer love for the BTC.