Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency invention. Its creation dates asfar back as 2009 when a person named Satoshi Nakamoto launched its platform. Cryptocurrencies are the form of money spent on the virtualworld of the internet. Bitcoin has grown considerably large as compared to its value at the time of its invention.

The creation of the Bitcoin was prompted by downtime in the financial activities of the world around the time of its creation.The makers of the Bitcoin made it to resist the factors that influence the fluctuation of many forms of currency. Money is a very volatile asset; it can gain and lose value as very close intervals without any prior notice at all. At the time before the creation of Bitcoin, there was a global financial downtime, a lot of currencieslost value, and the world was going down financially.

People who had money in banks at that time lost the value of their money. Governments printed more money to try to salvage the situation, but because there was more money in circulation, inflation set into the global economy. The bad thing about this time is the fact that it was a global downtime for the financial world, its effects spread across the globe, and in a short while, things turned pale for the entirety of the world at that time. These are the activities that lined up to the creation of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin came out as a pseudonymous form of currency; one that allows traders to engage in trade activities without having to verify each other’s identity. The design mechanism of Bitcoin also put into place a way for investors to make investment trades without the role of a third party in the investment trade actions.

The Bitcoin has evolved to become a formidable name in the world of financial assets, the development of this fore form of cryptocurrency has not gone unnoticed by fraudsters who have developed a lot of crypto scams over the years. The predominance of crypto scams in this age is why a lot of people fret at the idea of investing in Bitcoin. A proper review of a new trading product will guide against the scheme of many crypto scams on the web.


Bitcoin Revolution is a web-based cryptocurrency trading platform. The Bitcoin Revolution platform helps traders to engage in the crypto asset trading market with the best chances of trade success. The Bitcoin Revolution platform uses a series of algorithms that allows traders of the Bitcoin to make their trades in a hitch-free environment.

The Bitcoin Revolution platform simplifies the process of Bitcoin trading such that traders of all categories can use its platform without any prior engagement with the Crypto asset trading platform. In the case that a trader wants to trade on the Bitcoin Revolution’s platform with no knowledge of the financial markets, such traderhas only to set trade some simple trade parameters on the Bitcoin Revolution platform, and the platform will do the rest for such a trader. The Bitcoin Revolution platform has an automated trade bot which helps traders execute their trade orders in the best of market conditions. 

The algorithm of the Bitcoin Revolution platform allows only for cryptocurrencytrading with a particular preference to Bitcoin. This preference is because the Bitcoin still holds the most significant profit prospect in the multitude of cryptocurrency assets which now exist.

In this article, XTRgate will help us review the Bitcoin Revolution platform to rightly assets whether it is one of the crypto scams online (or not).


The Bitcoin Revolution platform is an auto bot trading systemthat uses Artificial Intelligence features to engage in trading actions on behalf of cryptocurrency traders smartly. This trading bot uses a series of trading factors to help the trader meet up with preset trading goals. The Bitcoin Revolution platform allowstraders to input some of the parameters with which itwould engage in trade actions on behalf of the trader, some of these parameters include: maximum trade amount, minimum trade amount, leverage, trade spread, risk factors, et cetera.

The parameters which the trader set in place on the Bitcoin Revolution platform are what it uses to approach the trading market on behalf of the trader. As a bitcoin trader, you don’t need any prior experience to use this platform; the most important thing you need is your capital with which it would trade for you. The Bitcoin Revolution platform’s algorithm uses a system that anticipates market trends by analyzing complex market data and simplifying them into short executable trade orders.

Unlike the nature of crypto scams, the Bitcoin Revolution platform is not coercive in attracting traders to its platform. Many crypto scams hold an unreasonable intonationof urgency, which makes the trader feel as if the market will disappear the next minute. Still, the Bitcoin Revolution platform is free of that. Infact, the Bitcoin Revolution platform is quite open as regards the methods it uses to produce its results.


The Bitcoin Revolution platform works in the same way as many investment trade brokers all over the world. The only factor that makes this different platform form other trading platforms is the fact that its assets class centers around the Bitcoin and similar assets. Asides this factor, the Bitcoin Revolution platform is really the same with many investment trade brokerage platforms across the globe. The main way by which the Bitcoin Revolution platform makes profits is through the strategic buying and selling of Bitcoin.

This article is a review of the Bitcoin Revolution platform; it will help traders steer clear of the many crypto scams that fly around the world today. At the end of this article, a trader would be able to decide for himself/ herself if theBitcoin Revolution platform just another one of the many crypto scams that exist in the financial assets trade market.


The automated trading bot is one unique feature of this trading platform. The trading bot engages in trade orders on behalf of the trader based on a set of parameters which the trader has set to guide the bot around the trade orders.In some sense, one can say the trading bot of this platform does all the hard work on behalf of the trader; it analyses market data, it executes trade orders, it applies a stop loss or a take profit when necessary, et cetera. All atrader has to do with this kind of a feature is to set his/ her trade parameters, and the trader can leave the rest of the work to the trading bot of the Bitcoin Revolution platform.

Some of the factors that guide the operation of this bot are leverage, trade risk, capital, trade spread, minimum and maximum trade allowance, et cetera.These parameters are requested from the trader before the bot engages in trades.

The Bitcoin Revolution platform operates around the cryptocurrency niche, and it has a particular preference for trades with Bitcoin. The reason this platform trades more with Bitcoin than any other asset is that Bitcoin still has the largest profit potentials among the many crypto assets available in the assets trade market.

Unlike the claim of many crypto scams, the Bitcoin Revolution platform does not promise a hundred percent trade success on all trade orders; this is because the financial market is volatile. Market conditions change sharplyin very unnoticeable timeframes,and some of these changes can work against the trade orders executed on the Bitcoin Revolution platform.

The advantages of trading with an Autobot like this are endless, it allows trade executionsto flow without the interference of emotional trading, and emotional trading can be a hazardous factor in the financial assets trade market.


The Bitcoin Revolution platform allows for the possibility of demo and live trade orders. Demo trades are similar to prototype trades, they expose the trader to real market conditions, but the stakes of demo trades are not real. The demo account will help traders get acquainted with the trading environment of the Bitcoin Revolution platform, it will also help test-run trade orders without the fear of a loss.

The live trade account on the Bitcoin Revolution platform is where the real market trading activities happen. While the profits of a demo trade do not accrue to the trader, they do on the live trading account, and so do the losses. It is advisable to have traded with a consistent record of trade success on a demo account before trading in the live market place.


The Bitcoin Revolution platform allows for a minimum of two hundred and fifty dollars and a maximum of fifteen thousand dollars’ deposit.


The other notable features of the Bitcoin Revolution platform are:

  • A security support system
  • Web-based trading app
  • Customer support system
  • Diverse funding methods
  • No hidden fees on withdrawals


The Bitcoin Revolution platform is one that has helped a lot of investors make huge profits on their Bitcoin investments; it would be incorrect to tag it as one of the crypto scams used by con artists to defraud people of their funds.