Which are the best coin development service providers

With the rise of cryptocurrency across the world in recent years, a large number of corporations and start-ups have begun to explore this digital assets arena as a new sunrise industry.

They are excited about the huge money that can be made in the shortest possible time while the future holds even more exciting possibilities. Who would not want to jump the bandwagon and be part of this new phenomenon that has taken the world by surprise?

After the meteoric success of Bitcoin, a large number of altcoins have hit the market, and they all seem to be doing fairly well. They also seem to be headed for a more exciting and promising journey ahead. No wonder, major companies around the world are developing their coins, or planning to do so, and look all set to profit at unbelievable rates.

If you, too, have a brilliant cryptocurrency development idea but lack the expertise to go ahead and do it, there are several reputed companies offering coin development services. You can sing up to one of them and you can sit back and let them do the rest for you.

These companies will make sure that you don’t miss out on the big opportunity that the cryptocurrency market offers today. They will hold your hand through the entire process of cryptocurrency development for you. They will also make sure that your coin stands out in the crowd as one of its kind with added features and benefits for the members.

A cryptocurrency (or coin) is a digital asset that acts as a medium of exchange. Its financial transactions are secured by strong codes of cryptography. The same cryptography is also used to verify the transfer of coins and control the creation of new units. Unlike most currencies in the world that are controlled by the central banks of the respective countries, the power to create new units of cryptocurrency rests with the members of the blockchain network.

Cryptocurrencies can be of many types based on the platform they are being developed; they can be bitcoins, litecoins or monero forks or something else. Most coins have their specific financial policy built into the currency that promotes a certain kind of financial vision and ideology.

There are a large number of coin development companies in all geographies around the world which offer coin development services. Based on your financial vision and what you are looking for in your coin, you can discuss the project with some of them. Based on who suits your needs better, you can select a company to execute your plan. Here is a list of some of those companies that we, at XTRgate found are offering great ICO (Initial Coin Offering) services.

ICODevelopment company

ICODevelopment company has made high-quality applications for market leaders like Bitcoin and Ether. They are the pioneers in coin development space. They have the expertise and experience to come up with truly innovative products.

They maintain a large team of exceptional JavaScript developers who can create top-notch products based on blockchain technology. They have extensive experience in building online cryptocurrency exchange platforms and wallets. It offers comprehensive support for your ICO – from designing the conceptual token, contracts, website to the maintenance of the entire ICO infrastructure.

Its services include:

  • Coin or token creation
  • Lightpaper
  • Coin drop
  • Whitepaper
  • Presentation
  • Marketing plan
  • Landing page
  • Press release kit


Developcoins is a leading playing in the cryptocurrency development space as it uses trusted and reliable techniques to create the finest and most advanced coin development solutions for its clients.

The company also keeps evolving and updating its methods and techniques to produce the most resourceful solutions. Its coin development services conform to the latest trends and technical standards. It employs cutting-edge technologies to provide dedicated services.

All its services and solutions follow competitive pricing that is hard to beat

Its services include:

  • Crypto Coin Development
  • Mining Crypto Coins
  • Custom Altcoin Creation
  • Blockchain Development
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • Equity Token Offering (ETO)
  • Security Token Offering (STO)

Apart from these two, many others are offering top-notch cryptocurrency development services. Some of them are:

  • Coinsclone
  • Coin Developer India
  • Bitdeal
  • Codezeros

Final Thoughts

With the phenomenal growth of cryptocurrency, service providers in this space have also sprung up all over the world. As business firms and start-ups are now driving the growth of altcoins, business in this segment is poised to grow at a rapid pace.

The good news is that the sector is witnessing a steady flow of talented developers who are taking the bar ever higher. If you or your company is planning to take the plunge, this is perhaps the best time.

Go ahead and do it.